Thursday, September 18, 2008

Twist into Wormy Buns

Okay, so this was a little "twist" on the wormy buns that everyone knows how to do, right? I just parted a deep side part and twisted and twisted and twisted etc. until it started to double and curl. I added that hair to one of the ponies and secured it all with an elastic. If you don't know how to do the wormy buns, just separate small pieces of hair and twist them until they start to double back on themselves. When you get it twisted as much as you want, secure it to the bun with a bobby pin. Continue to do this until all of the air is twisted up into the bun. (I guess you could leave some of it down if you like, but my little Marianne barely has enough hair to get a good bun in the first place!) Anyhow, that's it! Good luck! Let me know what ya think!


Shaye said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!! I love your "twist" on the twists. That looks great! When I took my daughter's down earlier this week, her entire head was covered in ringlets, too. It's kinda nice to get two hairstyles out of one "do". Heehee!

prettyprettyprincesshair said...

Nice one!! I have never done any buns on my girl, maybe I will start with this one! :)

Bowznstuff said...

oooo I really really like that one - I love doing twists back into piggies - I'll have to try turning them into worms - looks super cool!