Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Double Hearts

There are a ton of cute Valentine/Heart 'dos going around right now, so I thought I'd do my part. Now, I haven't searched long and hard, but this may have been done somewhere else. I kind of took THIS idea from Jamie at Jackie and Kassies Sweet Hairdos and did my own variation. So, here goes!

Start by making two pony tails. I like to start my part on the side then jig over to the middle. I think side parts are more flattering...but maybe that's just me :)

Split each pony into two sections and braid them both.

Now, take a bobby pin and slide it through a section of the braid where the top of the bump will be. Then, push the bobby pin into the hair above the elastic taking care hide it as much as possible. Do this for both sides of the heart.

Now, take a tiny clippy and bring the two braid ends together to form the point of the heart. As you can see from this picture, I braided down a little too far and you can see my elastics under the clippy. The goal is to hide the elastics with the little clippy. Then, you can curl the leftover hair and be done!

Here's a shot of both hearts. Yeah, I know. You can totally see the bobby pin on the right heart. But, what do ya do after the picture's taken and your little squirt has run off to play hide-and-seek?

I would love to see your Valentine hair ideas. You can email them to me at joannbarber(at)gmail(dot)com. If you'd like, I can even post 'em for ya! For some other great Valentine ideas try these:
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Have fun and Happy Soon-to-Be Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Simple Standard

This two hair-do is a standard in our house. It's quick and easy and takes about 5 minutes!

Double Twist to Messy Side Bun

Alright, ladies! Like I said, this is super easy! Just start by making a french twist on one side of the head. But, don't go back all the way to the middle. Keep twisting a little ways down the hair so you can bring it together with the other side later and secure with an elastic.

French twist the other side, going past the middle.

Bring them together, one over the other. You may have to re-twist the end of the first French Twist to make is tight again. Secure BOTH twists in the same second elastic.

Make your messy bun and VOILA! You have a quick, easy hairdo that turns heads!

Here's the 'do with a great big flower which I made from flowers I got at Michaels for 50% off! They were a buck a piece! My little blondie is sporting the same style, just with an inside-out French Braid. When I did the braid, I only took hair from the bottom...that makes it LOTS easier and quicker...which is ALWAYS good, especially for 9:00 am church and school! Good luck!