Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Corkscrew Hair

This one was pretty simple. Took me about 15 minutes. I just started with a little piggy on the left side of Marianne's head. I continued to around her head, bringing in the last piggy to each new one. When I got the where they would come together, I just parted the hair back further and continued on. To finish, I just pulled the hair into a pony and left the ends in to make sure you could see the rest of the hair in all it's corkscrew glory! You can see a little different corkscrew 'do here

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Attempt at Hair Blogging

I have had a few people ask how I do my girls' hair on the days I feel up to wrestling with them. So, I decided, with inspiration from a few other hair blogs, to start my own. I will probably copy a lot of what I see on those blogs, try some variations, and add some stuff of my own. So, feel free to leave a comment and try these hairstyles out for yourself!

Crazy Part Headband

This was just a variation on the simple piggy headband look. Just make the parts how you want them and secure each section with an elastic in a straight line at the back of her crown.

Triple Chain Link

This one is a little tricky. Just start with three piggies in front. Section off a square of hair in the middle under the other middle piggy and loosely secure it with an elastic. This is just to keep it out of the way while you work with the other piggies. Split the first middle piggy in two. Take one side and link it around the piggy on the right. I secured the link with a tiny clippy until I was ready to do the middle piggy. Then, get another section of hair on the right and combine it with the linked hair, leaving the middle piggy linked with a clippy. Do the same thing on the left hand side, securing it with a second tiny clippy. Then, bring both sections of the first middle piggy into the second middle piggy and secure tightly with an elastic. Keep this up all the way down the back. To finish it like I did, just bring all three piggies into a pony and secure with another elastic. I left the ends in for the messy look and added a flower.

Marianne's Braids and Pony

This one was a little awkward, trying to get the braids done, but once they were, it was as simple as a normal pony. I just separated out five little pieces of hair and braided them, securing them with tiny elastics. Then, I pulled everything back into a pony, but left the ends in to make it look a little messy.

Allison's Lattice Look

Found this style here. Okay, this one is easier than it looks. I just started with eight even piggies all the way across the front of her head. I split the rest into two ponies. Then, I took the four on the left side of her head and combined them with the pony on the right side of her head. Then, I just took the piggies on the right side and wove them in and out of the four piggies I had pulled from the left, alternating how I started the weaving with each strand. (ie. On the first one, I started under, over, under, over. The second one I did over, under over under etc.) Once I had them weaved, I pulled them tight and combined the two ponies into one big one at the back. Then, I did an upside down flip so the hair would cascade instead of hang. Any questions?