Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Corkscrew Hair

This one was pretty simple. Took me about 15 minutes. I just started with a little piggy on the left side of Marianne's head. I continued to around her head, bringing in the last piggy to each new one. When I got the where they would come together, I just parted the hair back further and continued on. To finish, I just pulled the hair into a pony and left the ends in to make sure you could see the rest of the hair in all it's corkscrew glory! You can see a little different corkscrew 'do here


Leslie said...

what a fun idea. i love it.
i don't know how to do THAT many things with hair, but the few things i do know how to do, i was always excited to do on my little girls' hair... that isn't happening anytime soon. :) oh well.
i LOVE the ways you do their hair. it is amazing. you must have VERY patient little girls as well. that is a bonus.
way to go joann. i love it.

Emmers said...

Hey, Just found your blog! I saw this one and did a double take! You posted it one day before me. I thought I was all fancy and original ROFL. I like how you started on the side, I may try that next time. I'm gonna give you credit on mine since you beat me to it! Welcome to hair blogging :)