Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Allison's Lattice Look

Found this style here. Okay, this one is easier than it looks. I just started with eight even piggies all the way across the front of her head. I split the rest into two ponies. Then, I took the four on the left side of her head and combined them with the pony on the right side of her head. Then, I just took the piggies on the right side and wove them in and out of the four piggies I had pulled from the left, alternating how I started the weaving with each strand. (ie. On the first one, I started under, over, under, over. The second one I did over, under over under etc.) Once I had them weaved, I pulled them tight and combined the two ponies into one big one at the back. Then, I did an upside down flip so the hair would cascade instead of hang. Any questions?

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Jill said...

I tried this one a week ago for church and got so many comments, and how did you do thats. Thanks for the great ideas. I love all of your tips and am anxious to try them all! I will have to share your hair blog with my friends.