Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shrek Ears and a Little Bonus

Okay, ladies. I feel a little guilty. I have had these pics for quite some time, but with all the Christmas sewing and preparation, I haven't posted them. I did some Shrek buns one day and that night, when I took them out to get Al in the tub, I had a cute surprise. I was only sad that I had to wash out that surprise. But, we have done this a couple of times since and it always turns out cute!

First, start by parting the hair. I have found that it works better with only half of the hair pulled up. And, if you use really wet hair for the buns, there are fewer flyaways and a better surprise!

Start twisting your piggy until it starts to double up on itself.

As you twist the hair, twist it around the elastic.

As you are twisting the hair around the elastic, twist it UNDER the previous hair. Keep in mind that the tighter your twist as you go, the better your surprise will be.

When you are done twisting, wrap an elastic around the Shreck bun at the very bottom so it catches in the end of the piggy. If you look close, you can see this on the left bun.

Here's a side view of the Shrek ear I just completed.

Top view of both Shrek ears.

Now for the SURPRISE!!!

I got this cute corkscrew curl out of the Shrek ears. I was so dissappointed that I had to wash them out the same night. But, I am thinking that if your little one slept in these, you would get the same effect the next morning. Enjoy!

Cute little curls, huh?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doubly Fancy Schmancy

I had someone ask me to explain this hairstyle a little more step-by-step. So, I hope that Jenn from Girly Do's is okay with me doing a little more in depth tutorial on this "Doubly Fancy Schmancy" 'do. Here is a link to her original "Fancy" hairstyle. I have to tell you all that this woman is AMAZING when it comes to ideas for hairstyles. She has so many great ideas and she is very good at explaining things. And, her pictures are incredible. You would never know that my hubby does photography because I am not talented in that aspect. But, if you haven't been to Girly Do's, well, you had better visit her!

Okay, start out by making three rows of six piggies across. Here is a side view of the three rows.

On the top row, flip the piggies under for a little extra flair. You don't HAVE to do this step, it just makes the top look a little more pretty.

Here is the bottom view. I also flipped these piggies, but, like I said, you don't HAVE to.

Now, once you get all 18 piggies done (and flipped) you take the piggies on the right and attatch them to the piggies on the left. If numbers help, take front piggy 4 over to middle piggy 1. Take front piggy 5 over to middle piggy 2. Take front piggy 6 over to middle piggy 3.

Repeat this process on the bottom. Bottom 4 to middle 1. Bottom 5 to middle 2. And bottom 6 to middle 3.

Then, you do the same thing with the other side. Only this time, you weave the strands over and under the piggies that are already attatched. To weave, just go over the first strand, under the second and over the third. Then, with your second strand, go under, over, under. With the third strand, go over, under, over. I think a Topsy-Tail would work wonders to weave with, but since I don't own one, I just use my fingers and my comb. So, front 1 to middle 4. Front 2 to middle 5. And front 3 to middle 6.

Again, follow with the bottom. Bottom 1 to middle 4. Bottom 2 to middle 5. And bottom 3 to middle 6. Weave as you go.

Once you are done attatching and weaving the piggies, make your messy buns. Now, I am NOT good at messy buns. If anyone has a sure-fire way to get a good messy bun every time, I would love you for sharing. I just scrunch up the hair into a ball and put a tiny elastic around the base of it, then spread it out until it looks good.
This hair-do should take a long time; about half an hour. I didn't have that much time once I got started because Al just didn't want to sit still for pictures. So, there are lots of flyaways, too. But, hopefully you get the idea. If anyone has suggestions to help with flyaways, I would love you for that one, too! Good luck and let me know how it works out!