Monday, February 2, 2009

A Simple Standard

This two hair-do is a standard in our house. It's quick and easy and takes about 5 minutes!

Double Twist to Messy Side Bun

Alright, ladies! Like I said, this is super easy! Just start by making a french twist on one side of the head. But, don't go back all the way to the middle. Keep twisting a little ways down the hair so you can bring it together with the other side later and secure with an elastic.

French twist the other side, going past the middle.

Bring them together, one over the other. You may have to re-twist the end of the first French Twist to make is tight again. Secure BOTH twists in the same second elastic.

Make your messy bun and VOILA! You have a quick, easy hairdo that turns heads!

Here's the 'do with a great big flower which I made from flowers I got at Michaels for 50% off! They were a buck a piece! My little blondie is sporting the same style, just with an inside-out French Braid. When I did the braid, I only took hair from the bottom...that makes it LOTS easier and quicker...which is ALWAYS good, especially for 9:00 am church and school! Good luck!


devri said...

I do these too, so easy and fast.. I love fast.. ;0)

The Petersons said...

Cute! I love the flowers.

Laura said...