Saturday, September 13, 2008

Try, Try Again...and Succeed!

Alright, everyone! Today is a Saturday which means that BYU plays. In fact, they play of the hardest games of the season. So, to show our Cougar Pride, we dolled up all the kids and decked them out in Cougar attire. I have been wanting to try these hairstyles I have seen on another blog, so here goes!

Top Twist (as seen here)

I have liked this hairstyle afor a long time but hadn't tried it. Today, Marianne asked if she could have curly hair (with the curling iron), but I wanted to keep her hair out of her face. Gotta save the face paint, right? So, I tried it and LOVED it! Super simple and very cute!

Twist Braid

Okay, so I have seen these twist braids all over the place and have tried to no avail to get them to work for my girls' hair. But, just the other day the sweet mom at "The Story of a Princess and Her Hair" did a video tutorial and that did it! I tried it this morning on Alli and it worked! Woohoo! Thank you! Thank You!! Thank You!!!


Shaye said...

They look awesome! I was so happy to see that tutorial the other day, too! :)

JAMIE said...

Sweet. I'm working on maybe some BYU & Utah items for and upcoming giveaway. How long do they play for?

MKG said...

Did Als have her hair in these twists at the family activity? I can't believe I didn't notice. They are way cool! Love your hair blog! Don't you wish YOUR mommie had learned how to do hair? Love, MKG

Hautemama said...

I just saw the same video! Aren't they great! I love the way you have them in groups like that. Very very cute!

I can't wait until my youngest daughter gets enough hair to do some fun styles... for now my 7 year old has to put up with them all.. hehe