Friday, September 26, 2008

Flipped Piggies to Four Messy Buns

Okay, so I saw the four messy buns somewhere, but where I thought it was...well, it wasn't. So, I am sorry to whoever came up with the four messy buns piled on top of her head, but if you happen upon my blog, let me know and I'll give you credit where it is due.

(Okay, so after searching and searching, I found this site where I first saw these buns. Also, this that looks a little more like what I was after.)

Anyway! So, for this one, I just separated the hair into four sections. I like a side part in the front, so I parted down the side and then cut over to the middle for the other sections. I hope this is making sense. So, after you get the four sections parted out, take the first section and do a small piggy and flip it so it heads toward where you will put the messy bun. Then, make the messy bun with the rest of that section. Put the elastic in as close to middle as possible, so when you are done, you get more of the one BIG messy bun look. Continue doing this with the other three sections. I think it looks pretty. I actually had one BIG flower in the middle of the four buns on my younger girly and I think I liked that better. Just didn't have a BIG flower that matched today's outift. Hope you like!

Side view

Top back view

Front view (weird-o)

Bottom back view

(p.s. These pictures were taken at the end of the day, so her hair is a little whispy!)


devri said...

prbably not, but is that my flowery mess? hairsourlife ;)

Joann said...

It does look a lot like your flowery mess, huh? I think it's the same idea, but I know I saw this specific hairdo somewhere a few months ago. I gotta find it! It's SOOOO bugging me!