Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Swept-Up Knots and Lots of Curls

I love this curling iron for curls on my girls' hair. It gives fabulous wringlets, or you can get nice full curls, depending on how much hair you put into it. So, Al wanted curls in her hair for school today and we made that happen. Check it out!

Sweet curling iron for less than $20 at Wal-Mart!

Front view

Side view. Look at those curls.

This is what I did to the top. I do this one quite a bit when the girls want their hair left down, but I want their hair out of their faces. Just start on one side and section out a piece of hair, then part out the little front section that you will sweep over to the side, put in your elastic and flip it. Do the same for the center section. Then, for the last knot, pull the hair you have left into that pony. Flip it and you're done!

On a side note, I have a hard time getting the curl to LAST in my girls' hair. If anyone has any suggestions for something that works but isn't SUPER heavy, I would LOVE you for it! Thanks ladies!


Emmers said...

oh now that looks awesome!

Momma Miller said...

Adorable curls! I'm about to try two different types of rag curls to see if they'll stay in all day. Brayla's hair is SO long and heavy. And at some point I read that the ringlets made by a flat iron stay in all day long even by long-haired girls. So I may give that a try. I haven't used my flat iron in ages.

Got your email, too! Thank you SO much for the camera idea.