Saturday, October 4, 2008

Corkscrew Fun

Okay, so I've had a "Corkscrew Fettish" lately. So this is what you get!

Five Corkscrews to a Corkcrew Bun

This is a "twist" on THIS 'do. Really easy, but a little time consuming. Just separate out five little sections and twist them, finishing them off to the end with an elastic so they hold. Then, bring them together into one big pony in the back. Leave the small corkscrews in and do one BIG corkscrew on that pony. Tie it into a knot and leave the end poking out. I think it looks pretty cute and it's just another way to use a corkscrew!

Back view

Side view

Faux French Twist

Easy style using the corkscrew braid. Just start by parting the hair into two side sections. Start at the front of one side of the head and make a piggy. Corkscrew that and finish it with a temporary elastic. Part out another section and add the corkscrew to it with an elastic. Remove the first elastic. continue doing thing until you get to the last section of hair, but leave that bottom section undone until you do the other side. Once you have both sides corkscrewed, bring them together with the last, bottom, section of hair and secure with an elastic. Take out the temporary elastics and corkscrew the big pony. You can finish it how you want. I just did a LOOPY BUN. But, I think if she had enough hair, a knot would look better. Have fun!

Side view

Back view


Momma Miller said...

Joann, the faux french twist looks stunning! I've been practicing the regular french twist and keep getting a few hairs out of place or it begins ot come undone or something along those lines. I may just resort to this faux one since I'm having a difficulty with the regular one. I think corkscrew/twist-braids are lovely all over my daughter's head and I use them whenever I can. So I guess I have that fettish right now, too. LOL

famr_4evr said...

I so love this hair style. I like to do it for church. But think I'll do it for today, just because.